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Club Racing & Advanced HPDE

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The baseline setups above result from many years of customer feedback and/or in-house vehicle testing with various combinations of Cobalt Friction XR-Series materials and will yield a very high level of balanced braking performance. While optimal brake compound selection, as with most aspects of vehicle setup, is subject to driver preference and driving style, we feel that these baseline setups are a very good starting point, especially if you are "new" to the Cobalt Friction product line. Please call us toll-free at (877) 562-9237 or e-mail tech@cobaltfriction.com if you require additional vehicle setup assistance.

FRONT | Cobalt XR1 | FMSI D1061 | 19.0mm FRONT | Cobalt XR2 | FMSI D1061 | 19.0mm FRONT | Cobalt XR3 | FMSI D1061 | 19.0mm
FRONT | Cobalt XR4| FMSI D1061 | 19.0mm FRONT | Cobalt XR5 | FMSI D1061 | 19.0mm REAR | Cobalt XR1 | FMSI D1267 | 16.5mm
REAR | Cobalt XR2 | FMSI D1267 | 16.5mm REAR | Cobalt XR3 | FMSI D1267 | 16.5mm REAR | Cobalt XR4 | FMSI D1267 | 16.5mm
REAR | Cobalt XR5 | FMSI D1267 | 16.5mm
Pagid Ferodo Mintex Carbotech Porterfield
DTC-70 03, 05, 07 RS15 DSUNO, DS2.11 F1R XP16, XP20 n/a
DTC-60, HT-10, HT-14 01, 06 RS14 DS1.11, DS3000 F2R, F3R XP10, XP12 n/a
DTC-30, Blue 9012 97 RS5, RS29 4003 F6R XP8 R4
DTC-15, Black n/a RS4-2 DS2500 n/a AX6 R4S
DTC-05 n/a RS7-1 n/a n/a 1521 n/a
(1) The purpose of this chart is to assist in selecting the proper Cobalt Friction XR-Series material if you are already using another brand product.
(2) The above conversion chart only relates the relative friction/torque level of Cobalt Friction materials to other brand products.
(3) In the majority of cases, Cobalt XR-Series materials will yield a min. 50% improvement in disc finish/life as compared to any other product of similar friction level.
(4) For example, if you currently use PFC 01 and 97 in the front and rear, respectively, converting to the Cobalt XR2 and XR3 will maintain similar balance.